Bruama's is located in Ontario, Canada.We make artisan chocolate from organic cocoa beans and without soy lecithin, palm oil or any other unhealthy or not environmentally friendly ingredient. Almost all our wrappings are made with recyclable materials.
We add
no preservatives, no extenders, no additives, no palm oil, and no soy lecithin to our chocolates. In this way we ensure that your experience with chocolate is genuine; it is authentic.
With our products, you can eat chocolate in its actual flavour. It only receives natural and healthy ingredients. All chocolates are made with organic cocoa beans. Our chocolate bars are mainly plain, but they can also receive small pieces of dried apple, coffee beans, ginger (candy or purely dried without sugar), mangoes, sesame seeds, and cranberries. The boxes can be filled with handcrafted truffles, bonbons and little bars; order yours.

These boxes are called variety boxes. You can order yours at Shop Chocolate Boxes! We make chocolate-roses and chocolate-tulips from our artisan chocolates. These chocolate-flowers can be attached to the bouquets and flower vases.

To see more, go to Shop Chocolate Bouquets and Vases menu or click here.
Our chocolates are handcrafted with the assistance of few small artisan machines. They are great gifts; they are exclusive! Shop now for Christmas, before it is too late!

In order to be able to make a smooth and tasty chocolate without using soy lecithin and palm oil, nowadays our machines have to run for approximately 24 hours. After this process, we crystalize, shape and wrap each chocolate by hand.
Each chocolate is a work of art and patience!
We have 3 machines for the three types of chocolates that we offer. We make dark chocolates sweetened with sugar cane (vegan), we make chocolates with 100% organic cocoa-chocolates (only cocoa-beans as ingredient, nothing else), or dark chocolates sugared with Non GMO stevia or organic coconut palm sugar (which are vegan and safe for diabetics), and also chocolates with milk, which are made with 50% or 60% organic cocoa + sugar + milk.

100% cocoa-chocolate bar does not receive any sugar; as the name implies, it is made only with one ingredient, the organic cocoa. We also make 90%, 80%, 70%, 60% and 50% cocoa/dark chocolate bars. These chocolates can be made with sugar cane, coconut sugar or stevia. The organic brown coconut sugar and Non GMO stevia are safe for diabetics. Please take a look at all possibilities available to you!

We also sell natural roasted herbal matte /yerba mate tea (erva mate) and natural green herbal matte tea (for making cimarron /chimarrão). We can find online many articles about matte tea and its benefits. Yerba mate is a native South American tree. Its leaves and stems make the most enjoyable tea. In South America, the tea is enjoyed in roasted and green flavors, plain or sweetened, and at hot/warm or cold temperatures. If you already visit Brazil, you already saw it being sold on the beaches, bars, restaurants, beverage machines, and hospitals. Decades ago, you almost wouldn't see Brazilians drinking pops, only herbal matte teas.
The herbal matte tea is made by steeping the ground leaves and stems of the yerba mate plant. Yerba mate is a central nervous system stimulant containing caffeine, which helps with your metabolism. It also contains a number of other nutrients, including antioxidants, amino acids, polyphenols, vitamins and minerals. Many Brazilian women drink matte because it helps with the metabolism and it is antioxidant.

"It's always seems impossible, until it's done." Nelson Mandela

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